Designing and Validating an Agent-based Commodity Trading Simulation ∗

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    Parameter Robustness Figure The model is validated in a strategic manner, using both quantitative and qualitative approaches to ensure the simulation tool can reproduce real-world data and also be of use to stakeholders. Robust negative impacts of climate change on African agriculture. Off-Farm Income added to the economic model. Development Policy Review, 33 3— In April the U. Conclusion This study provides a methodological approach for the development of an agent-based model to assess community food security. Electricity Markert Example" pdf,1. Simulation agent commodity based validating Designing trading an and Aspiration is met if the mean Profit per unit Area meets a threshold obtained per Manager from a distribution at Subpopulation level. Model validation is an essential part of the model development process if models are to be accepted and used to support decision making. Food Policy, 48, 88— Farmers care only about the good opinion of those they regard as peers.

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