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    Umusani womweene wokanile: It is after this ritual that the contact Sironko Sluts in can eat with his hands. As such, the novice needs assistance from other relatives. There is wele nabende who was responsible for rich crop yields and was in charge of banana plantations. While wele wanyanga was responsible for causing drought, wele murabula was responsible for breaking the legs of people and animals. Namyenya is always close to the boy to ensure that he learns other songs which he will sing while going to cultural sites, the maternal clan among other rituals. This ritual is performed by the paternal aunt senje chosen because of her good behaviour, kindness and production of children especially males. The rituals, musics and dances performed in the preparatory stage are contact Sironko Sluts in to announce to the prospective imbalu candidates, their parents and relatives that the year for imbalu rituals has began. In addition, the August imbalu rituals are performed for candidates who are commonly known as banabyalo those who do not attend school. After a death, the body remained in the home until the relatives of the deceased arrived. And since these boys do not contact Sironko Sluts in experience aboutmanhood, circumcised men are the ones who lead them in songs and dances. Then one spreads his arms and moves them from the body trunk.

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