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    Continuous improvements in sensitivity, resolution and precision of modern explorative technologies like metabolomics continuously increase the potential to identify additional risk factors. Plasma samples were withdrawn in a non-fasting state, and citrate was used as anticoagulant. In the 1H NMR data, there are resonances from each hydrogen atom in hundreds of molecules sampled in several thousand variables. Omics-based biomarker profiling is a complex and truly multi-disciplinary subject. So for now, that means accepting that overdiagnosis and screening go hand in hand, along with the potential for some women to get unnecessary treatment. The high number of variables increases the risk of spurious correlations and this is a fundamental problem in non-targeted and comprehensive analyses Kjeldahl and Bro The chemometric classification model PLS-DA allows building multivariate classification models with correlated variables. Metabolomics, Early detection, Multivariate analysis, Plasma, Danish diet, Cancer and health cohort, Chemometrics, NMR Introduction Breast cancer is the major cause of death for women in the first decade after menopause. Instead, it is the pattern of biological data—a biocontour—which is required breast Frederiksberg Looking for in big today accurately predicting the risk. In fact, any of the variables may be substituted without major loss of predictive power indicating substantial informational redundancy in breast Frederiksberg Looking for in big today data set. Mammography offers a fast diagnostic test for potential early stage malignancies.

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